Couleur Locale

09-12-2018 - 23-02-2019 Every city has its own couleur locale, that typical atmosphere based on its own history, geographical position and cultural and artistic climate. It shapes its residents and its residents give shape to their town.

Couleur Locale is now the title of an exhibition in our gallery with four outstanding painters, whose birth and living place plays a role in their work. Artists have sensitive antennas and often develop an ambivalent, dynamic relationship with the city in which they live.

Ewa Sadowska  Jardin Bleu I   2018   Olieverf op doek   110 x 150 cm

Hans Keuls   Rosefeel   2018   Olieverf op doek   100 x 100 cm

Alexander Vogels   Canyonlands IV   2018   Olieverf op doek   100 x 120 cm

Enrico Ingenito   Wesi Light   2018   Olieverf op doek   150 x 100 cm

Couleur Locale: four artists with each their own background. Four painters that interpret the world in their own way and who give in their very own way shape to that interpretation.

We are proud to show you their works in our gallery. The opening of the exbition will take place on Sunday December 9 starting at 15 h. Ludo Diels, who writes about art and culture, will give an introduction to the exhibition. The artists will be present.
You are cordially invited!

Galerie Post + García | Avenue Céramique 17 | 6221KV Maastricht