Kingdom Come

29-04-2016 - 15-05-2016

The Art Project is proudly to present its third exhibition ‘Kingdom Come’. In Post + García Espacio. we will be exhibiting the works of three talented young artists, all fascinated and inspired by natural history and exotic animals. In their art they create a paradise like afterlife where dead nature is revived in a mesmerizing way.
Curated by Laura Post & Patricia Pisters

Opening exhibition: Friday April 29, 19 hrs.
Location Post + García Espacio | Rechtstraat 86 | Maastricht

Singer songwriter Aicha Cherif (winner of Kunstbende Limburg 2016) will be joining us for a musical performance at 19 hrs.
We teamed up with Young Poets and Merlijn Huntjens, Willemijn Linden and Ginny - Leen Manders will perform poems they wrote especially for the exhibition. It’s going to be an inspiring evening; you are cordially invited!

Daniëlle Frenken

Roos Holleman

Christel Verdaasdonk